Thursday, April 12, 2012

I'm in Love!

Head over heels
Mom and I had the mini-dumpster from the city garbage department overflowing with urinated carpet.  (See, prior post re: dog urine).  And still, there were two large pieces, very heavy pieces, of carpet left on the driveway.

As the garbage truck drove by, on its' way to another errand, I waved.  I was trying to mouth whether it was okay whether the dumpster was overflowing.  They kept driving.  About twenty-minutes later they came back to dump it.

Both men got out of the cab to put the dumpster on the dumping mechanism.  They were both pretty cute, and clean cut.  One started chatting me up about the house, how long it had been vacant, etc.

For $25, I am only supposed to get the dumpster for one week, ending today.  After they dumped it out, he agreed to let me have it for one more week.  BUT THEN, he asked whether the two heaps of heavy carpet on the driveway was the only thing left.  "Yes!", I said.  He cajoled the other guy into heaving both carpets into the dumpster, emptied it again, and left with it.

My heroes!

Sorry, I don't have a picture.  But I don't think I will now forget which day is garbage pick up day.

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