Thursday, April 5, 2012

Yesterday was Overwhelm Appreciation Day, Followed by a Shopping Day

What that means is I took the day off of house stuff, and work stuff too.  I just couldn't take it anymore.

It's Spring, and my non-existent yard, with the weedwhacked daffodils is just sitting there as an eyesore.  Sister loaned me some grass seeds and I bought a garden hose.  Yes, this is the first garden hose I've ever purchased in my entire life.  Is that pathetic?

I am trying to have Easter dinner over at the new house this Sunday.  We got a leg of lamb at Costco today and some other food to go with it.  This will require a thorough scouring, because the kitchen is pretty dirty.

Yesterday, I did some searching on craigslist for appliances.  I found the below fridge, for about $100.  I gave a deposit today and will go back with the trailer to get it tomorrow.  This will help greatly with the Easter dinner.

I think this is the couple's "garage fridge", but it seems to work.  They've bought a new house.  It's about 10 years old they said.  I've never had a freezer on the bottom.

Thankfully, my contractor guy got the toilet fixed so that the water could be turned on.  Also, he's going to move the water heater out of its' closet in the kitchen, to a location in the garage.  That will give me a pantry in the kitchen.

Sorry, today is a boring post.


  1. When I was out of college and back in Houston, I had this big Thanxgiving dinner. Was sooo nervous about it. Almost burned the place down overdoing bread. Nobody remembers my little apt. but everybody remembers me almost sending the place up.

    Moving the Water Heater out's a good thing!

  2. Thanks for your comment EJM! How cool of you to host a TG dinner at your apartment. Well, it's the mistakes that make for good stories. Non?