Saturday, April 7, 2012

Preparing for Easter (Resurrection Commemoration Day)

My sister and I scrubbed and scrubbed the kitchen yesterday.  It's hard to believe how dirty a kitchen can get.  It's probably not as dirty as it could have been.  I will not have time to repaint the cabinets before I move in and definitely not by tomorrow.

Unfortunately, I was the one to find the mouse poop.  Just disgusting.  I had to carefully wipe that out over fears of Hanta virus, rather than shop vac it out and disburse the poop via air particulates.  There was also a plumbing leak in times past that resulted in black mold underneath the sink.

Black mold can be toxic, can be, but I do not have time to get squeamish about it.  I just washed it down with bleach.  Actually, I've been spraying it with bleach ever since it became mine.  I do have pictures of the moldy cabinet, but I do not want to make anyone vomit on their keyboards.  So, I'll withhold those from your viewing.

Today I will be painting this product from Zinsser over it.  I am told that this is the absolute best product for covering smell and sealing out bad things, better than Kilz, because it is shellac based.  Water based and latex sealers cannot do what shellac does.  The B-I-N will also go over the urine areas of the plywood subfloor after it is sanded down.

Zinnser B-I-N Shellac Base Primer & Sealer Stain Killer
Happy Easter to all.  Enjoy the gift of Christ, the only one whose blood can cover and blot out our sins totally.


  1. Haven't heard of a product better than Kilz. Good thing to know about.

    Make sure you find out where the mouse came in. Besides the obvious problems that mice bring, they tend to trail snakey predators after them. . .

  2. Hey EJM,

    Yeah, I had not heard of something better than Kilz either. It costs twice as much, but, if it does the job, so worth it.

    Right now there are so many places the mouse could come in, but you are right, as I get toward finishing touches, I am going to try and block off any access locations, like the dryer vent that goes under the house, etc. etc. Thanks for the tip.